Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fund Our Fosters AKA HELP!

I've got an 8x8x8 fundraiser going. I'm asking everybody who can to give just $8, and/or share this with 8 people who might give, so that I can raise $888 to pay off my cat boarding bill. Over on the side there, to your right is a widget you can click on to see the fundraiser.

I'm also desperately seeking foster for any or all of the six cats. I have the dogs into foster care, so they are currently safe, but I'd like to be able to keep at least a couple of the cats if not all of them. However, I'm literally hanging on by a thin thread right now. Today would be my 12th anniversary, and one week from now it will be six months since The Mate passed. I just do not want to lose the animals that are pretty much my sole remaining link to him.

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