Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a young teen got creative and made up a whole bunch of cute Christmas sled ornaments for all of her family. She used popsicle sticks to form the little sleighs, wrapped up tiny pieces of styrofoam to look like presents, attached strings to them for hanging on the tree, and personalized each and every one with the recipient's name. The 13-year-old carefully packed each family's ornaments and wrapped them in bright shiny paper, then either delivered them or mailed them out. Everybody liked their little sleds.

31 years later, one of the girl's cousins posted on Facebook about the adorable ornament from her childhood that she always placed on her tree, along with a picture of said ornament. Other members of the extended family chimed in, discussing how they always kept them safe and still hung them on their trees each year. One cousin's wife even described how her husband made sure to carefully wrap it each year and put it in a place of honor on the tree each year. This made the girl feel very loved, and close to her family, even though they are spread out across the entire nation.

Though the girl, now a widowed woman, was having a pretty terrible year, this one bright point gave her hope that she just might be able to get through it all anyway. She may not be living happily ever after, but at least there's hope for an after.


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