Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Introducing... ME!

I'm not all that good at introducing myself. I have a tendency to either reveal way too little, or way too much. Either way, I wind up walking away. But this time, I'd like to start a blog and keep up on it. I guess even if nobody reads it, it's still something I can play around with; and if people do start taking an interest, then maybe I'll somehow make a difference.

The kinds of things that I'll be posting about will vary, but I'm fairly sure there will be plenty of random things on here. I think my main subjects will include: dealing with psoriasis, living with a disabled person, our critters, and almost certainly nail polish. I'm not going to set any specific goal for how many posts I make, but I do hope to get into a habit of blogging regularly.

Well, if you're reading this, either you are a close friend or family member, or I've gotten e-famous and you want to check me out, so whichever it is, I hope I provide you with something to think about.