Thursday, February 25, 2010

Introducing... Jessie and Salem!

I had a hard time deciding how to introduce the animals, so I thought I'd start with the oldest, and go from there. So today's featured pets are Salem, our 'grandpa' kitty, and Jessie, our first dog.

Salem came from the first rescue I worked with (and had some pretty major issues with, but that's another post). He was turned over to them with a severely abscessed leg. He also had (and has) some eating issues that cause him to regurgitate a fair amount of the time. With his longer hair, he does need to be brushed here and there, but he's mostly pretty good at keeping clean and mat-free. He was also pretty obese, although he's trimmed down to a much better weight now. His personality tends towards very friendly and demanding of attention pretty regularly. He adores kissing and licking people, and also likes to groom the other cats quite a bit. His attitude towards the dogs is generally to ignore them, although he does act cranky sometimes and swat at them. He is currently the only animal we have whose age is in the double digits, and he has slowed down a bit of late.
Jessie, whose full name is Jessica, was adopted while we lived on Staten Island. She's a Chow mixed with who knows what else. As you can see, she's black, with little bits of white on her chest. Now that she is almost nine, she is getting a bit of grey around her muzzle, but we don't like to admit she is aging. Jessie has a number of allergies, but with the raw food diet, she's thriving quite well, and her fur is nice and thick. Of course with all that thick fur, she loves to play in the snow. I do tend to get her trimmed up for the summer to help her not overheat, but otherwise, her grooming is really simple, just some brushing every so often. She has a pretty reliable recall, but I try not to take chances and keep her leashed anyway, just for safety. She also tends to have seizures every once in a while, though not enough to need medication, at least for now.

So there they are, our oldest cat, and our first dog.