Saturday, February 27, 2010

Introducing... Anika and Wackita!

So, today's post will introduce our first two cats, Wackita, and Anika. They've been with us the longest (since 2001), and are the most expensive we've had because of vet costs.  They are the only cats that we can't really call rescues, since we did buy Wackita, and were given Anika. Hah, free cat, riiight.

Anika was born in May of '01, and was living in a pet store. We were actually thinking of buying (yes, I know, bad idea when pets need rescue, but we were dumber then) a cat when the owner of said pet store offered her to us if we promised to keep her forever or return her to them if she didn't work out. We figured Wackita needed another cat to keep her company, and the owner of the store we bought Wackita at had her there because her own cats picked on her too much. But she felt that living at the store was depriving Anika of a true home, and when we saw her, we couldn't say no. She was so soft and so sweet, and very quiet. Although she was about 3 times bigger than Wackita, her first hour in the house, she got chased under the end table. However, within a couple hours, they were cuddling on the couch, and they've been friends since. Anika is our second most expensive animal, because she had to spend a week in kitty ICU for a fever and other symptoms that we never did figure out a cause for. She recovered nicely, and has been healthy since.

Wackita is the only cat we bought. It started out as just looking to find out what supplies would cost, and while we were in the store, somebody else was looking at the cats and pointed out the one with 'different colored eyes'. That got our attention, and we stopped by the cat kennel, and this sweet little kitten peeked out at us with one blue eye and one green one. For some reason, we just fell for her little face, and since the store had all the supplies we needed, and we had the money, we just bought her. For those that want to yell about supporting the store for selling cats, I will say they were a little better than most of the stores. She required us to fill out an application, and asked us quite a few questions. Either way, that's neither here nor there, as it is what it is. Anyway, we got her home and surprised the boys with her, and quickly found that she was an absolute sweetheart. It took us a few days to settle on a name, at first we were going to call her Garlic (long, sort of mean story there), then we made tons of other suggestions, and finally everybody agreed on Wackita. Since my nickname is Wacky, I'm still not sure whether to be honored or offended. Hah! Wackita is our fourth most expensive critter, mostly because of the hematoma issue she had with her ear. Two surgeries finally seems to have cleared that up, but she will always have a bent ear now. We don't mind a bit.

And there you have it, our two first kitties.

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