Saturday, March 6, 2010

Introducing... Callie and Penny!

Callie and Penny are sisters, and came to us as kittens with their sister, Angel. Sadly, Angel passed away within a few days from what the vet thought was a heart condition. They were supposed to be fosters, but that's not how it worked out (long story short - our 'rescue' dumped and left town, leaving all the fosters we had, and we chose to keep them because of how many cats already need homes). They were originally dumped on a country road.

Callie is special needs in that she had a very high fever when she was young, and appears to have some very mild neurological damage resulting from it. As you can sort of see in the picture, she has a heart-shaped white mark on her chest, and we like to say it's because her heart is so big. Though she has a soft and gentle personality, she has a very LOUD voice, so I guess it balances out. She's also the cat who almost managed to cut her own leg off getting stuck in a thin cord. The Mate claimed he was going to see if one could make a cat explode from being spoiled, and while she is very spoiled, she hasn't exploded yet. She and Penny often start wrestling, but it tends to turn into a real catfight when one or the other of them gets too rough. Callie is very much the baby of the two, and really likes to be cuddled into The Mate's arms (I can relate). She's also VERY shy around strangers, and will often hide completely if somebody new comes into the house.

Penny is a little less people-oriented than Callie, though she loves a good snuggle every now and again. She doesn't eat as much as Callie, and is thinner, though not too skinny. She also doesn't like a lot of shenanigans on the bed, and will smack around the other cats if they get to playing too much when it's time for her to sleep. Penny has basically NO voice, just a little squeaky noise when she meows. She's probably the most cat-like cat we have, in terms of being typical, since so many of our cats are not what people might call "normal". She and Callie are both pretty fond of the dogs, though Penny tends to lean towards Jessie as her preferred dog, whereas Callie loves them all. She is less shy than her sister, and more inclined to be curious about new folks.

So those are the two sisters. And wow, we are over halfway through all our critters!

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