Thursday, March 4, 2010

Introducing... Lassie and Patches!

Today's featured pets are Lassie and Patches (whose name is actually rather inappropriate, so Patches is his official name). Patches was our first cat from PA, and Lassie was picked up off the streets.

Lassie is a husky/shepherd/collie mix (as far as we can tell, we hope to have them all DNA tested at some point). When we only had two dogs and lived in the old neighborhood (wow I can tell some innnnteresting stories about that place), I used to take our dogs to a big fenced play area up the block. Since our fence didn't encompass the whole back yard, we had a trolley run from the back door to a tree out back, and used that to hook the dogs to. Anyway, I'm starting to ramble. So, when we moved across town (before we had any dog parks), I kept taking Zeus and Jessie over there to run. One day, there was this cute shaggy dog running around, and Youngest and I thought she was pretty cute. She came to the fence, and was all waggy and happy seeing our dogs, and our dogs responded positively. Well, I couldn't see leaving this poor dog on the street (she was almost hit by two cars while we were there), so with the intention of taking her to the shelter in the morning, I called The Mate and asked if she could come home for the night. He said yes, and we packed her into the Jeep and headed home. Since our dogs had all their shots, and this dog seemed healthy, we risked letting her in the room with us, and she and Zeus bonded almost instantly. It was like he was in love. Haha. Well, one look at how happy Zeus was, and into Lassie's blue eyes, and The Mate was hooked, and we had a new dog.We took her in for vetting, found she was healthy, not spayed, about a year old; so we scheduled her spay for January. Apparently, that was not soon enough, as the weekend before Christmas, she came down with pyometra, and had to have an emergency spay. Thank goodness our vet works with us on payments, we had just spent a lot on Anika, and our vet fund was depleted a bit. She's extremely fond of fetch, and tries very hard to herd everybody, even the cats.

Patches, whose other name is 'Little S--t' (because he really is!) is a Norwegian Forest cat, possibly even pure. He was found roaming the streets, and we brought him in thinking that somebody would claim this gorgeous cat. Apparently, we were wrong, and he became a member of the family pretty quickly. The second day we had him, he got into the printer ink, and dyed parts of himself blue and pink. He loves to tease the other cats and the dogs, and has a tendency to nibble fairly hard when he wants attention. He's also a pretty lovey cat, and doesn't mind being brushed once in a while, though it has to be on HIS schedule. He generally keeps himself mat-free, so it isn't like we have to give him a ton of grooming.

Well, that's it for this installment of "Our Crazy Critters".

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