Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Introducing... Gwen and Tess!

Gwenyth and Tess are two more fosters that now live with us permanently. To be fair, though, I sort of knew I wanted to keep Gwen from the beginning.

Gwenyth (I didn't pick her name but she already knew it, so it stayed) was my favorite kitty at the rescue, partly because she thinks she is a dog. She's also the first cat I've ever known to chase her tail like a maniac, though we have another now. She is harness-trained, and loves to go out for walks and to visit the pet store, though she isn't as fond of the car ride. She has some hearing damage, probably from untreated ear infections as a kitten, but it doesn't seem to bother her much, as long as nobody pets her head too much. She likes most everybody, but apparently I'm her favorite person, and she prefers to sleep ON my head. She has an extreme fondness for attempting to eat plastic, so that's one thing we have to watch with her. I think she'd prefer it if all those other cats were to leave, and she and the dogs could be our only pets. She chirps and squeaks rather than meows, and I'm not even sure she CAN meow. At least, I've never heard her.

Tess came to us around the same time as Sherbet and Jet, whom you will meet in the next post. She was found in a big field when somebody's dog was tackling something, and the person went to check it out, and found a teensy little kitten. Luckily she wasn't hurt, and was turned into the vet, and then came to rescue. From there, it was to our house, so that she could keep Sherbet and Jet company, and be with cats her own age. Her full name is Contessa, but we just never use it, so Tess it is. We also call her the Tessmanian Devil, and the Loch Tess Monster. Of all the cats, she is probably the most mischievous. Her favorite game is to wait until you are watching her, and then steal whatever you have (especially straws from your drink!) and run. You are supposed to chase her, and then tell her how impressive she is as a hunter. If she finds a straw that you aren't using, she'll carry it in, meowing at you as if to tell you she caught one. She also likes to play Tug with string, and will happily try to pull her end all over the place.

Next time, you'll get to meet Jet and Sherbet, the last two fosters that wound up staying forever.

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  1. the cutest tessmanian devil i've ever seen


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