Saturday, March 13, 2010

Introducing... Sherbet and Jet!

Sherbet and Jet came to us at the same time as Tess. We decided to foster them together so they could have playmates their own age. And, then wound up staying forever. We don't mind all that much.

Sherbet was found with his sister Shadow hanging out on a street corner.  Their eyes were barely open, and there was no momma to be found. So they came to the rescue. Unfortunately, Shadow passed away within a few days, leaving Sherbet by himself. Shortly after that, Tess came in, and she and Sherbet started spending time together. We bottle fed him, so he did get pretty spoiled, which is fine, since he has turned out to be a very snuggly kitty. His favorite game is to tease the other cats by playing "I'm Not Touching You" while staring directly at them. Wackita gets the most worked up by this. His nickname is Sheriff Sherbet, because he always seems to be 'policing' the other cats to make sure they aren't picking on the younger ones. It's pretty entertaining. He's another one The Mate has decided to spoil as much as possible, and he hasn't exploded yet either.

Jet is a pretty sad story. He was found in a dumpster tied inside a plastic bag with his deceased siblings. It enrages me that people can do such things to innocent animals. Because there weren't any other kittens at the rescue at the time, Jet came to live with us and keep Sherbet and Tess company. He and Sherbet became fast friends, and still play regularly. He is the only cat we have who still tries to nurse, even though he's not a kitten anymore. He will also sit at your feet and stare pitifully at you until you invite him to come on your lap. He really wants a lot of attention, but is never pushy about it. My best friend has fallen in love with him, and when she has a place for him, we'll be taking him down to her in Louisiana. At this point, he is the only cat here that will not live out his days with us. (It takes an awfully good home to tempt us to give up any of our kitties, and we know he will have that.)

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