Saturday, May 15, 2010

How about some fun nail pictures?

With all the stress around here lately, you'd think I'd really want to get into pictures to distract myself, but I've mostly just been doing my nails quick and getting to bed. I spent a couple of hours installing hardware on the walls so that I could gate off separate areas of the house, and now the dogs can be kept totally apart while we figure out what else we can do. Worst case scenario? We have to keep them apart until Jessie goes to the Rainbow Bridge.

So anyway,let's get back to catching up on the pictures I've taken of my nails so far this year. We're done with January, so February, here we come!

First up, Orly Orange Sorbet, which is a gorgeous orange with some gold-ish shimmer.

Next I did Pro 10 magic, which is a glorious sparkly red.

I was finally able to get RBL Recycle, and here is what it looked like on my tips. I love it, but not as much as Zulu.

This is one of the Milani holographic polishes. They are pretty nice.

Here is one of the newer Maybellines that I picked up. I like it.

Another RBL polish, which is super glittery. That's right up my alley.

Here are skittles of the rest of the Milani holographic polishes.

This is kind of a baby poo color, but still fun anyway.

I think this picture looks more blue than it does in real life. I'm not so grand at capturing purples.

Another mani with nice crisp white.

Me and my yellows. I sure love them.

And there is the first half of February. A little bit of everything just about.

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