Saturday, June 26, 2010

My daughters' nails!

Now that my girls are here with me, they are having a blast playing with my nail polish and nail art. They haven't got it down perfect, but that's perfectly okay, we all started somewhere. Both of them are working on not chewing their nails (a habit I struggled for years to break), and hopefully getting good at making them pretty will help them in that endeavor. So today, in between dog runs, I thought I'd share a few pictures of their nails.

First up, my older daughter did a funky french with some nice angled Konads over it. Like I said, she's not too practiced, but for somebody who hasn't even seen a Konad stamper since last summer, I think she does okay.

Next we played with my new sponging kit, and stamped some little flowers on top. I like the effect on this one.

And here is my baby girl's nails, sponged with purples and white. And of course we added a gem.

Also, she got green spongy nails, with a cute lizard on top. I love the way these look on her.

And back to the older daughter. My shiny Nfu-Oh with some lovely Konad hearts.

On the same day, she did this nice red with a purply metallic Konad pattern. We've all got a short attention span for nail polish.

Then she used a nice sparkly pink over white and stamped some nice swirly pattern on them.

And finally she went with pink sponge over purple with a subtle Konad and a rose decal. I love roses.

I'll be back later or tomorrow with either nail polish or rescue dogs, whichever I get to first. For now, I have to set things up for the overnight guests (11 dogs!) that are sleeping over tonight.