Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Weekend. (In more ways than one)

When I say big, I not only mean exciting, but BIG as well. And by big, I mean I had a 120 pound dog in my Jeep. Plus two more, but not quite that big. So that was a fun way to spend an hour or so Saturday afternoon. On the exciting front, we had ELEVEN dogs stay overnight with us Saturday night, which was definitely exciting. We wound up staying up all night with them, and it drove our dogs bonkers not being able to come meet them. But since the puppies were smaller than more of our cats, and some of the older dogs weren't thrilled with dogs that get in their faces, it was just better all around to keep them apart. For now, let's take a peek at the dogs who hitched a ride with us, and those who didn't.

First, we'll see the dogs that rode with somebody else, and that I didn't get as many pictures of. This was yet another great crew of sweet dogs with tons of personality. It never fails to amaze me how so many great dogs are in need of rescue, and how many of them I would bring home in a heartbeat if I could take care of them properly. However, I'm at my limit with the dogs and cats now, and I know it. Between them and the cats, I would be doing everybody a disservice if I brought more animals in to stay. Anyway, let's take a peek at the dogs.

First up is a little cutie called Skippy, that I couldn't get a really good picture of.

He and Dexter were pretty friendly with each other, and both just cute as buttons.

And just take a look at Dexter here, paying close attention to the strange lady with the black box. Isn't he awesome?

Next is Frank, who I just could NOT get a good picture of. He was so pretty, and having a blast meeting everybody.

Now we'll see Dan, who tickled me with his little pointy ears and big attitude wrapped up in a small package.

I mean, just look at his ears from the back, are they not cute?

Also along for the ride was Buddy, a lovely mixed breed who was in heaven getting attention.

He got the chance to sniff noses with Nigel, who rode on my son's lap in the Jeep.

Nigel enjoyed the ride, and was calm the whole way. Here he is kicked back and looking out the window.

Also in my vehicle, and trying to crawl into our laps for the ride was Bates, a coonhound mix.

Bates is going to make somebody a great companion. From what I could tell, he's active and playful, but more than willing to snuggle in for some cuddling as well. A great temperament for somebody who wants their dog to be part of their everyday activities.

And now for the big guy, who would have come home with me if I could take somebody in. I adore big dogs, and Moose defines big.

Yes, that was Moose standing in the back end of the Jeep. The next picture shows what happens with a lot of my pictures while driving. Since I can't exactly take my eyes off the road, I have to guess where to aim the camera.

Moose got to take a nice walk with one of the drivers before loading up for the rest of his trip.

When I saw this picture, all I could think of was, "We must get Moose and Squirrel."

I have about 8 million pictures of the dogs that stayed overnight, so I'll have to split them up into several posts through the day. I'm doing these in between chores, we're busy busy busy as always.