Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boo Hoo. Oh Well.

So I was trimming Krissie's nails today, and she decided to kick out, and broke one of my nails on my left hand. Of course, that's my photo hand, so I've gone to nubbins again. At least it matches my right hand now? Luckily it wasn't down to the quick or anything, or I'd have cried for real. So I'll just sport shorter nails for a while.

I'll hopefully have the rest of my longer nails pictures for you tonight, depending on how rough finishing the yardwork is on me. And, even though I wasn't needed last week on transport, it looks like I have TWO of them this weekend, so I'll be busy. If The Mate would let me, I'd do even more, but I can understand his worry about wear and tear, and the gas prices.

I've also still got to trim Jupiter and Lassie's nails, so I'll have an entertaining evening. I'm really hoping that I can catch up on all the household stuff so I can catalog my polishes. I have a humongous stash, and I really want to organize it and find out exactly what I have. I can remember dupes for the most part, and have almost never gotten the same polish twice, but I can't list them off the top of my head.

I also want to get all my frankens together in one spot, so that I can see what I've made, and maybe get creative some more. And I have some ideas for future posts that might be helpful to somebody out there. Who knows, maybe I'll find dupes and polishes I don't use and offer them up to others for super cheap.