Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let's Talk Charity.

Y'all know I like to talk about my favorite place, Grayson Humane. Well, The David Cook needs to know about it too. Now, I didn't know this guy was on American Idol because my Analog Heart doesn't work that well.  Also, because I suck at things like The David Cook for Charity Prank, and run out of stuff to say pretty early on.

So let's discuss how The David Cook could help Grayson get some much-needed attention from rescues and possibly ease their burden. You see, they have lost a few volunteers, are way way overcrowded with cats (dogs too) and have got to find some nice people who either want to adopt, or some rescues that can take the easily adoptable critters into the rescue to adopt them out.

Now, just to be random, here is a picture of my eye, which has absolutely nothing to do with The David Cook.
Not The David Cook's Eye
Now, I'm overtired and could use a dose of Fall Back Into You, yes, just like the song The David Cook has on his album, Analog Heart. But I'm trying to concentrate, so that some awesome cats and dogs might possibly be saved.

I'm sure it would help if I watched a lot of popular tv shows, like American Idol Season 7, but I have limited amounts of time, and I like to spend some of it on my favorite cause, Grayson. So, let me tell you a little story about a small puppy that came from Grayson, and stole our analog hearts.

You see, there was this puppy, who was NOT formerly known as The David Cook, and she needed a home.
Not formerly known as The David Cook

Of course she was adorable, and we were like, "Don't Say A Word", just come live with us. Luckily for us, the Grayson folks agreed, and so it happened.
Like a Porcelain doll

It was cold for her, so she got a coat, and hasn't left us since. Which is good, because The David Cook's album was pulled from Amazon.
Don't need Searchlights

So, in conclusion, you should totally follow Grayson on Twitter, and also join in on The David Cook for Charity Prank.