Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I figured it was about time I joined in on the randomness.

My skin is still pissing me off. I already posted about that.

I think I want to put together some stuff for giveaways. But I'm going to be different. I will wait until I have 27 followers for my first one. Because 27=3x3x3 and I said so. Really I just wanna give some cool stuff away.

We finally gave in and went with a new washer and dryer. The washer is already here and installed, but the dryer won't be here until next week. So I'm using the fancy new washer, and the old dryer. It works. The old washer and dryer (they aren't THAT old) are being given to a family that can't afford to buy their own. We could get some kind of tax write-off if we donated to a charity or whatever, but this feels right. Anyway, the new ones are up on a pedestal so I don't have to bend so much to do laundry. You'd be surprised at how much this means to me.

My swollen toe is getting better. Apparently the antibiotics are helping. If that means it's not an ingrown toenail, I will be very happy.

The Mate has installed Office 2010 on my desktop, and I am so so happy. I adore putting things into Excel and making lists. In fact, I'd probably make lists of my lists if I could. If somebody could find me a way to get paid to sit at home and make lists, I'd probably be in heaven.

I have no idea what to cook for supper. But we do have alligator meat in the freezer. Maybe I'll try that. Or we'll eat leftover burgers and brats from when I grilled. Whatever.

Okay, I have to finish up some stuff, and do my Blog of the Day and whatnot. So that's enough random for now.

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