Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where Did The Time Go?

Or maybe an alternate title would be... "Why Am I Asleep In My Chair?" And the answer to both of those is not something I know right offhand. My half-written post reviewing my nail art stuff will have to wait, because I have to get up tomorrow, do my chores, go get my transport done, come back home, and finish up my chores. Plus, catch up on the things I missed this week, like mowing the lawn (couldn't while it was raining), taking out the air conditioners (again, the rain, plus soreness), and assorted other little stuff.

On the plus side, um, well, at least my nails were already dry? Hah! I knew I could find a silver lining somehow! Sometimes I have to try really hard, but there is always SOMEthing good somewhere in amongst the rest. Well, usually more often than not things are pretty good for us,and my perception of the bad is because my brain is so wonky. But I'm not going to get into that tonight, I'm going to go put Missy in her crate, turn out all the lights, and see if I can manage to sleep that well in my actual bed. So, I'll see you later today or something.

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