Friday, September 17, 2010

I Said I Wasn't Gonna.

How many times do we say we will do something, or will not, and later do the opposite? Well, I'm just as much a victim of that as anybody, and today proves it. I said I wasn't going to get a Twitter, and I wasn't going to Tweet, and it was all just so dumb... and so, I joined Twitter today. I'll put something up on the sidebar about it at some point. It's a totally unexpected name, even... OriginalWacky. Hahaha. I doubt I'll be super active, but hey, you never know.

I've got a few NOTD pictures to share, and then I think I'll try to post my review of the Viva La Nails stuff I got. Or at least what I've used, I haven't used all of it yet. I think I have a short attention span when it comes to nail art, but not too short. I just bounce around from one type to another, as the mood strikes. Oh, and I have a transport tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get pictures of that up early. Oooh, and my cholesterol is down quite a bit, so we might be able to get me started on some psoriasis medication! It hasn't been a bad day around here. So, let's enjoy just a few pictures.

Starting from where I left off last time, I went with Orly Shine. I know I have a few polishes like this, so if I can ever get really organized, I'll have to do a comparison post. I love silvers like this, so I don't mind having dupes. Application was pretty good, and I kept this on for two days without any chips or tipwear, which is pretty fantastic for me.

After two days of silver, I thought green would be nice, and went with Claire's Kelly Green. I *LOVE* this color. It is a gorgeous green. And I generally have very good luck with Claire's and Icing polishes. I decorated it with decals from Viva La Nails, and others I had around.

I was still in the mood for green, so I went with a green water marble next, done with Icing Secret Garden (the light), and FingerPaints Harvest Hues (the dark). I think I sorta have a better idea of how to go about water marbling now, thanks to some fantastic tutorials on Youtube.

For a totally different look, I chose black and white, and used little stencils to do some flowery art on my nails. Then I added silver accents randomly around them. These are the WNW white and black, because they work so well for me, and the art is all done with Kiss Nailart Paint.

And the final picture I have for you in this post is Milani Dress Maker, with stamping done in Icing Lucky Lady (it's matte). I really love the effect I got here, and I even managed to double stamp on my thumb and have it look pretty okay. I really like Dress Maker, and it's pretty pretty shimmer.

Well, that's enough for this installment, and I'll be back later with some swatch pictures.