Saturday, October 9, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day Two

Day 02: Something you love about yourself.
(Refer to: Intro, Day 1)

I still can't decide if this is harder or easier than posting something I hate about myself. I mean, it's easier, because there are way less things I love than hate, but it's harder because it sounds like I'm bragging (at least to me). Anyway, let's get to the meat of the post.

It didn't take me too long to settle on this one, though I have to admit a lot of things crossed my mind. They all seemed, well, wrong. Not that I don't like them, but that's the thing... I like a lot of things about me, but LOVE? That's a whole different story. So, after all that thinking, I realized that IS what I love. Not making much sense yet, am I? I think it will come together though. But I'll say it straight out. I love that I am smart. I'm intelligent. I'm a fucking genius. No, really, I have one of them high IQ things. (See, I said it sounds like bragging!) That might seem like an odd thing to love, when there are a lot of other things that are lovable about me, but I must admit that I don't love as much about myself as others do. Well, a few others, anyway. But this isn't about what others love, it's about what I love. And what I love is that my brain is awesome. I mean awesome in the true sense of the word, not like the 80's version in which anything that doesn't suck is awesome. Awesome in that it insipres awe in me. It leaves me speechless at times. The workings of my brain are amazing.

Okay, that could also fall under things I hate, but being honest here means being honest with myself too, and I love that I am so fucking smart that most people can't keep up with me. That is in no way saying that others are stupid, because they aren't. It's just that my brain seems to work on levels that others can't understand. Of course, they have talents that I can only dream of, so it's not like I'm the best at everything, just this way of thinking. Once again, I feel like I am failing to get the point across that I want to make. Of course, this will veer into yesterday's territory if I keep going, so I'll shift back to the love part. I really love that I can figure out word puzzles,  do a fair amount of math in my head, remember thousands of song lyrics, find solutions to the minor problems of day to day life, look at a polish and know if it is in my stash, figure out the household budget... and I can do all of those simultaneously while typing notes on my computer, watching a movie on tv, and giving my animals attention (there's more, but it's getting ridiculous). That's just amazing, and dammit, I think it's worth loving.

Everybody is smart, or intelligent, or maybe has common sense, SOMEthing. No matter what anybody else says, we all have some kind of brainpower, whether or not others can see it. We should all learn to love that in ourselves, and it's taken me a long time, but I do love it. I love being smart. (Even though there are times when I'm as sharp as a bowl of oatmeal for various reasons.)

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