Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Oooh, I've got something I want you to do... if you can, at least. My favorite animal people have taken on a kitty who had to have a leg amputated, and the bill is already up to $1200. Can you help just a little? There's a little gadget, over there to the right for when this post isn't so visible.
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Nobody came trick-or-treating at our house, so I have plenty of extra candy around. Luckily I bought the kinds we like. Hmmm, how did that happen? Hey, if there's ever a candy famine, my house will be barricaded so I can protect my stash.

I kinda don't like it when I have to watch the budget really closely. For example, yesterday's RBL sale, I wasn't able to partake. Bleah. On the plus side, being able to pay the mortgage and household bills is pretty nice.

My camera is still not taking pictures properly, and I think I'll have to break down and send it in for repair. It'll cost a minimum of about $150, and I'll be kinda camera-less while it's gone. The Mate's camera also needs to go in. At least it's cheaper than buying new ones?

The dogs went on a playing rampage this morning, and are now all sacked out everywhere. I want their life. Or the cats, for that matter, they have it awfully easy too.

I got The Mate a PS3 for his birthday, and he's been enjoying it. We also have a few games on the way that I can play too. Yeah, I think it's second childhood time.

I can't believe my doctor gave me Vicodin. I mean, I'm really glad he did, and being a bit giddy is always good, but now I'm worried I'll get addicted. Good thing it helps so much with the pain, or I wouldn't even be able to type.

I hacked off all my nails (okay, so I filed them down), so now they are nice and short. I'm going to rock the vampies for a while. And now they won't break.

Well, time to go vote. I'm SO glad the ads will finally go away, I'm sick of all the mud-slinging and dirt-flinging. Not one of those commercials made me change my mind.

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