Thursday, December 2, 2010

Huge Thank You!

I don't have too much to say, but OMGTHANKYOUSOMUCH! I won a giveaway over at Cosmetic Cupcake, and my prize arrived, and man, oh man, it is awesome. (By the way, you'll really want to check her blog, it's impressive. And I said that before I won too.)
I know I say I'm not a pink girl, but that's not really true. It's more of an issue with sheer polishes, and a lot of pinks are sheer. These, however, mostly aren't sheer, and I've made this pink week to wear them. So, if you want to see these a bit closer along with some hauling I made recently, go for the click.

Don't forget, you can click to embiggen the pictures if you'd like. Here's a compilation of the stuff in my lovely package.
As you can see, the bracelet has words on the beads, like love, hope, spirit, and so on. I love those Rimmels, and would like to have every color. It goes on smoothly, and always looks great. I am going to have a blast with the Cracked top coat, I'm plotting a couple of things with that already. I've been wearing the bracelet most every day since it arrived, it's pretty and makes me smile. I've never had any TBN or Ulta3 polishes, so I'm overjoyed to get to try those. So far the Ulta3 I used went on really nicely, and not sheer! And the Coloramas, I collect those, so adding to my collection is a big YAY. Plus, there was a nice lip gloss, and the little manicure dryer. I've used it a couple times, and I like it.

Well, now the anti-climax is looking at the things I found recently and couldn't resist. The new Sally Hansen polishes have made their way to my stores, and I picked one up to try out.

Then while I was at Big Lots, I found this cute set. The brushes are a little wonky but the colors seem pretty enough, if average.

I found these at Big Lots as well, so I'll be playing with them at some point.

I hit up Marshall's, and picked this package of adorable tiny minis up. On top is all of them, the bottom rows are a little closer and more color accurate.

And at Walmart, I picked these up. They are scented, so I'm probably going to have fun with that.

So for kicks and giggles, I did some comparisons of the candy polishes.

Well, I've got errands to run and work to do, so I'd better get moving again. I'll see if I can get back tonight to throw some NOTD pictures at you.

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