Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


There's friggin SPAM on Twitter now too. Ugh.

I made such a great steak dinner last night. I could eat like that forever. 

So, The Mate went for an MRI of his brain to rule out MS. Lovely. I hope the results come in fast.

I like Happy Bunny more than I should. Or maybe I should say I love Jim Benton ~http://www.jimbenton.com/~, for coming up with HB. 

I just spent, like, 15 minutes staring at some spots on the ceiling. I have no idea why.

Christmas shopping online is awesome. With no kids here for the holidays (I can only wish), we aren't going so nuts, but there will be much merriment in our house. I wanna cheat and look up my presents, but I'm being have. For now. Muahahaha!

I hate it when I get a couple of nails that break, because I don't wanna trim them all short. But it looks pretty strange if a couple are down to the quick and the rest are long.

The Mate and I keep discovering more things we have in common. After this many years, you'd think we'd know it all, but nope, still new stuff to discover. 

I biffed it in the yard the other night and skinned up my knees pretty good. Plus, my right knee is still swollen, so I bruised it real good.

We've decided that our whole Christmas will be held in the kitchen. Tree and all. We were pretty worried about how we would cook everything and manage it all, so we splurged and got the Bob Evans holiday feast thing, where they provide everything. It's supposed to feed 6-8 people, so it's a bit much for two of us, but we would have spent that much buying everything and making it ourselves, and we'll have lots of leftovers. This could turn into a tradition for us. I'll probably take some pictures of everything and post them next week.

My hair is getting even thinner from the meds I'm on. It's a trade-off I can deal with for the pleasure of not having psoriasis EVERYwhere.

I love KFC coleslaw. The Mate has a recipe that's close, so I think maybe we should make that this week. I could eat that almost every day. I could eat lots of foods every day, I really enjoy food in general. 

There are times when I just want to cry from the sheer joy in my life. No matter all the bad stuff, I have The Mate, my kids (even if they are far away, they never leave my heart), all our critters that love us just as we are, my Dad... all of these things mean more than I can put into words.

While I ate supper tonight, I played on this link the whole time: http://www.roubaixinteractive.com/PlayGround/Binary_Conversion/Binary_To_Text.asp It's pretty fun if you're a geek. Hehe. 

I hope I can get back to my computer tonight to post pictures. I've got a backlog going like whoa. But I'm also busy, and have been extra tired recently. I guess I'm still affected by the meds more than I'd like to admit.

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