Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peeenk Week!

Although I have holiday manicures, I thought I'd share my personal Pink Week with you today. Just in case you have holiday overload or something. Haha. So click away to look at my pretty pretty pinks!

Here is Rimmel Hot Shot with an accent nail in BYS Cracked Red, and some Konad.

This delicate pink is a nice shimmery color, though it's not my usual style. I played with layers and a funky french with glitter over it.

This shiny foil-like pink went on so smoothly and looked really nice, so of course I had to play with designs. Maybelline Matte Grey went quite well with it.

When I saw the shimmer in this one, I thought it needed a light shimmery color to go with it, and CQ Gem Green hit the spot.

This time I just added blue diagonals over the pink, which is a wonderful hot pink that covers well and looks awesome.

This pretty pink with a silver shimmer to it just begged for some dots, so I grabbed a couple of nail art polishes and added them.

With this pretty pink that leans blue, I chose to do a funky french and then topped it off with Northern Lights in silver.

As you can see, I had to decorate most of them. Hee!

And, before I go, I just want to share this story I got in my email, which is an awesome heartwarmer.

Amazing news from the Good Samaritans who took these Goldens in. What a wonderful outcome:
"TEARFUL REUNION! Update: The golden retrievers we found Saturday are going home to their owners -- after having been missing for almost a year!! We were just about to turn them over to a retriever rescue place when I spoke to a lady at animal control who told me she knew of a doctor who had lost two Goldens several months ago. On the off chance, I got the doctors name and called her. Needless to say, she'd thought the dogs were long gone, or dead, and couldn't believe it. She described the dogs accurately, so I sent her a picture of them. Bingo! She just picked them up a while ago. And here's the really cool part: the doctor's young children, who cried for weeks over these dogs, will get them back for Christmas!"

I love happy endings.

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