Friday, January 21, 2011

Couple of Days. HAH!

So, after I slept way not enough, I went back up to the hospital, and the jerk in the other bed was so nasty that when we ran into the doctor in the hall, we talked him into letting The Mate come home. After all, it's not like he's doing physical therapy and needs to be at the hospital, I can make him just about as comfortable here as the bed there, and even though the animals can be pests, he kinda likes having them around. which means, night before last, I brought him home, and tucked him into bed, and we've been hanging out ever since, dozing a lot (I'm so totally not caught up yet).

Of course, I haven't managed to upload pictures off the camera, so there will be plenty of those once I get to it. He's doing quite well, although the pain is, well, excruciating. But my sweetheart is a trooper, and isn't complaining much at all. (I bet I would be.) Seriously, all I can say is that I'm super lucky that he is way easy to take care of. So many people get nasty when they have pain like this, but he really doesn't at all. I'm so relieved that it went this well, and though we won't know if it helped a lot for a while, I sort of suspect that it might ease a few of his symptoms a little. And that's all we hoped for, since we knew going in that this couldn't fix everything.

The animals have been pretty good, although they want to be near him, they seem to understand that they can't be playing on him or bouncing on him as much as usual. Many of them will wander in, spend a few minutes cuddling with him, and then wander out again. Well, except Tabitha, who has practically glued herself to him. No shock there. And Sherbet still crawls up for his Dad time, which isn't surprising either. Jupiter is pretty happy to have his person back (don't get me wrong, he loves me too, but he and The Mate have a pretty special bonding thing going on), and has been extra smiley.

I'm way tired, not because he is working me much, but more because I'm so overjoyed to have him home that I can hardly sleep for sheer giddiness. Yeah, I know, I'm like a teenager in love or something, but I just don't do well when he isn't here. Even if he's dozing off, and I'm doing other stuff, just knowing I can reach out to touch him any time I want to is a big thing for me. I guess it's loooooooooooooove. Hee. Whatever it is, I am one lucky girl. And with that, I think it's time for me to try for some actual sleep, so that maybe I can do something special like bake him a cake tomorrow later today. I gotta put those wonderful new Christmas presents to use!

I'll try to catch up on pictures, blogging, and reading in the next few days, but no guarantees. And I really need to do some computer cleanup and such too. If you see me unsubscribing to your blog or whatnot, don't worry, I'm just rearranging how I subscribe to some stuff, and in many cases I'm subscribed twice! LOL I'm attempting to get things more organized so that I can keep up with reading, and maybe even comment more on the wonderful blogs I read. Plus I need to sync up my MP3 player, and catch up with my Kindle stuff as well. We'll just not talk about how much cleaning there is to catch up with around the house. *shifty eyes*

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