Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


OH look, it's time to be random again! That's about all I'm capable of lately. Suffice it to say that we're playing with meds, so things could be a bit strange - for the next few weeks anyway. this means I'm riding a roller coaster of moodiness, and my seat belt isn't working. Wheeee!

I am all comfy in my footie pajamas. I lurve them. Plus, they hide my toes, and since my big toe pretty much broke off completely (okay, only about halfway down, but still, EWWWW), I don't wanna look at them right now. Not that I love my toes much, but I do like it when my toenails are all painted pretty. Otherwise I think feet are kind oogey.

The Mate is doing pretty well, although he is having a lot of pain. Of course, what can you expect when they sliced his neck open, cut his muscles, and took a couple pieces of his spine out? Not to mention the whole "roto-rooter" part (doctors words, not mine) on a couple of the nerves. Yikes. The staples in the back of his neck come out on the 1st. And maybe he won't need the hard collar anymore.

Big news of the week in our animal kingdom: Cleo has finally decided she is too lonesome to stay downstairs so much, so in spite of the dogs, she is now coming back up to cuddle with us. She'd been insisting that she could only come upstairs when the dogs were outside or asleep elsewhere, and was only getting snuggles when I fed kitties or had to go downstairs for another reason, so I was missing out on lots of my baby kitty nuggles. I know, it's not like we don't have 13 other cats, but, but, Cleo is MY BABY! Stop laughing at me.

I bought the cutest red bra the other day, and it's supposedly my size, and totally does not fit. UGH. I'm gonna go back to sport bras, they hurt less anyway. I wish I could go back to my itty bitty boobies. I liked those. AH well, I guess I live with what I've got. At least they aren't banging into my knees when I walk.

I still haven't gotten the pictures off the camera, and I didn't go on a transport last weekend, because I wanted to stick close to my sweetie. We'll see about this weekend, but I think a short trip will be okay.

I have the hiccups. Stop laughing at me.

I don't like the way the meds mess with my skin, especially my cuticles and such, but the results are still worth the crap. I haven't been this clear since before I first burst out with psoriasis.

The cold snap has broken, and we're back up to like, 20 degrees. Yeah, I'm an oddball for being happy that it's in the 20s. The snow is real pretty as long as I can stay in here and look at it. Okay, so I like to play in it too, but not today. Today is a high pain day. Not to mention the fact that I'm struggling a LOT to stay awake.

I love full serve gas stations.

It's so a good thing that we have a dishwasher. I would probably break half the dishes if I washed them by hand.

Gotta make two appointments for critters to hit up the vet. Whee! No wonder I miss out on so much nail polish that I want so badly. Critters are worth it though. Will also update Missy's heartworm meds, and probably pick up more Clomicalm to keep her on it. I was expecting to have to wait longer to see results, but she's already improving. Now to keep up on training to help her even more.

I am so extremely tired. It feels like I'm trying to move through peanut butter. Even my brain is sluggish. I hate med shifts and the readjustments that come with them. I guess I'ma stop being random now and get some work done.

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