Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


My mind is so all over, and I can't really put things into words. Getting ready to take The mate to the hospital for his surgery.

Panic attacks in the bathtub aren't much fun. Not that they are fun other places, but ugh.

Painted my nails with a color called Diva. And I'm gonna be a Diva in making sure he gets good care.

Got bunches of stuff to try to occupy me while I wait. Surgery is like, 3+ hours long.

I think I need to schedule a breakdown. Haha.

It'll definitely be a double dose Ativan day.

When I crash, I'm gonna crash hard. I haven't been to bed at all.

It's even harder this time because I'm gonna be alone while I wait. Nobody's fault, it's just how it works out. Ick.

Okay, off we go. Helpful vibes/thoughts are most welcome.

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