Sunday, January 16, 2011

So Much To Do!

I'm not even the one having surgery, and yet I've  got enough anxiety for any five people. I'm already running around trying to get things ready, and see if I can figure out how to slap some blog posts up while I'm taking care of The Mate and just worrying in general.

Instead of a one-track mind, I think I have a billion-track mind. So many things are running around in my brain that I can't seem to pin any of them down. I've finally decided to sit down tonight and do something for me, so I'm getting a little swatching in before I paint my nails and try to sleep. We've both done some work with the dogs, and Missy is having a rough night (could it be she is sensing our stress?), so she is crated and Lassie is put away. More about that later. In fact, more about a lot of things after the jump.

I know The Mate is nervous about this surgery, because even though we've been through it before, it's still a pretty serious thing. The risks are high, and it's not going to fix everything, but if it can ease some of it, that's progress. Until they come up with a way to replace his spine completely, he is likely going to keep needing these every few years. And each time there's a risk of paralysis. infection, nerve damage, and so on. Is it any wonder we're anxious?

I'm also running a lot of things through my mind regarding the blog. For example, do I split it off into two blogs, and have one for the polish, and one for the other stuff, which is mostly animals? Do I include the personal stuff with the rescue animals or with the polish? Do I continue to keep it all together here, since this is pretty much about me anyway, and while I would like to please my readers, I started this for me more than for others? Or should I break things up even more and make it three blogs? Could I even hope to keep up with three?

Oh, and I sort of want to redesign the blog, but when will I have time for that? I'm not even keeping up with my regular stuff now, if I add more it will be nigh impossible. There is just so much I need to do, and I'm not sure I'll ever get it all done. It's hard to prioritize what is most important after The Mate and the critters. And I know I should be finding time for me, but I usually don't. Not that I completely abandon all my needs, but sometimes I let my wants fall by the wayside. And really, I don't mind that for the most part, because a big part of my wants are for everybody here to be happy.

I'm going to close this off now, before I get all maudlin, or get carried away. And I am going to watch Mamma Mia and sing along at the top of my lungs.

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