Thursday, January 6, 2011

What The Dogs Loved About Christmas!

I think what they loved the most was getting to spend plenty of time outside playing. Since we had our pre-made dinner, I had plenty of time to head out with them. I wish there'd been more snow to play in (they do love it so), but it wasn't a big deal. I'd be more caught up on posts, but I seem to have been hit with some nasty germs, and am feeling pretty crappy. The Mate has his Esophageal Dilation tomorrow, and he has been scheduled for neck surgery on the 18th. So I'm going to be way busy over the next few weeks. Right now all I want is to be able to get more than 30 feet away from a bathroom. *sigh* Back to the dogs.  Take the leap and see how much fun they had.

Lassie is all, "OMG would you just leave me alone?"

On the other hand, Krissie is more like, "OMG will you play with me?"

Just look at how vicious these dogs are!

Jupiter corners better than Missy, but Missy is slightly faster. It makes it quite the even 'race' when they get going.

Missy is learning to corner better, and Jupiter is getting faster. They like to play really rough.

Krissie often hides under or behind something and just bounces out to tackle them when she feels like it.

Jupiter likes to pace alongside the house.

They both run up and down the side of the house.

Missy smiles a lot of the time when she's outside.

Missy loves to grab the ball and Krissie tries to get it away.

Jupiter is gorgeous when he's running or trotting.

I just love watching Krissie try to play with the big dogs. She can't quite keep up, but she never quits.

She plays rough too, although she can't take it quite as well as the bigger ones.

You can pretty much count on her being shortly behind the other two when they get moving.

She likes to sneak in when the other two are really going at it and pounce.

Jupiter tackles Missy, and sometimes they both wind up on the ground.

You can sort of see how Missy is smiling here, she loves that kind of play.

Lassie is the Fun Police when they get carried away. It's pretty hilarious. However, until we can get Missy to stop being so angry with Lassie, they aren't allowed out together anymore.

She also tries to herd them, which is a riot. Jupiter and Krissie wind up with double the outside time, since I have to keep Missy and Lassie apart. Missy is starting on medication to see if we can calm her down. She's SO reactive.

At least they deal with it better than the cats. Hee.

Jupiter's tail is almost always carried high and curled.

Right here everybody needed to take a short breather.

But it wasn't long before the wrestling started again.

I'm going to have to get some more like this, I'm just bad at thinking about the camera when we go out.

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