Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finally, Holiday Pictures!

I guess it's time for me to get my butt in gear and post the pictures from our lovely holiday dinner for two. We had a pretty low-key holiday, and it was wonderful in it's own way. I'd have gotten this up earlier, but I seem to have been struck with some kind of stomach bug and am feeling pretty rough. So take the leap, and check things out. There are LOTS of pictures to see.

Let's start with a picture of our tree. And our stockings. Yes, I hung them on the curtains. Stop laughing at me. Oh, and ignore the bunch of electrical cords behind it.

You can see the stockings a bit better in this picture.

And check out the pile of presents we had.

I had to take another picture of my nails too. Hee. You already saw better pictures of those.

Pretty nice, eh? Here's the table centerpiece I put together for our dinner.

This is a good picture to show ALL the food.

Doesn't that look amazing? It was. So, here's our dinner for two by candlelight.

I took plenty of pictures of the animals as well, especially after we unwrapped presents, because they love to play in the paper. Here we're trying to get the dogs to pose for some pictures.

Krissie likes to curl up in the kitty beds.

Here's Lassie getting all excited and barking at me.

Jupiter and a close-up of Hellboy's nose.

I think Krissie is one of the cutest dogs ever. Please ignore the half torn up floor.

Jupiter thinks Krissie is cute too, and I caught him giving her a kiss at the water bowl.

Lassie was sitting all patiently for me.

Missy spent plenty of time smiling.

Jupiter smiled a lot as well.

Alita hung out on the rail and watched.

Callie kicked back and enjoyed herself under the tree.

Hellboy tried to take the camera away from me.

He had to check out the presents as well.

Penny really wanted to have some cheese. Just like the dogs.

Of course my darling Cleo featured in her share of pictures.

She had to check out all the wrapping paper.

And stalk somebody from under the tree. She is a mighty huntress. No, really. Stop laughing at her.

She also spent a little time sitting on the table to stay away from the dogs as they went all nutty.

Trying to get a picture of Sherbet resulted in this photobomb by Hellboy.

Tess kept an eye on things from behind the new mixer. I may or may not have squealed audibly when I opened that.

The dogs wrestled.

And wrestled.

And wrestled.

All in all, we had quite a fun day.

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