Thursday, February 3, 2011

Revlon week!

Well well well, I'm back with some pictures. This time, nail polish... and these are what I wore for my Revlon week of polish. Please enjoy the pictures!

I started first with Revlon Royal, so I guess that's my first 'official' manicure of the year.
That's what one coat looks like.
I really really like this color.
Surprisingly, it didn't stain my nails, which I was kind of expecting.

Next up, Copper Penny.
It really does look like a penny.
This is a unique color, and I don't have many, if any, like it.

Now we'll look at Electric.
I totally adore yellows, and this is definitely among the best of them.
The shimmer in this isn't super obvious until you look up close, but it's there, and it adds depth.

I adore metallics, and Silver Dollar is no exception.
This one was super shiny.
I have a lot of these kinds of silvers. Guess I'll need to get organized and do a comparison post someday.
I added some gold decals to my thumb and middle fingers.
Don't forget you can click any of the picture to embiggen them.

We all know I love bright colors, so it's no surprise that I really liked Siren.
Just one coat only left minor VNL, which is pretty good.
Such a vivid bright orange, and it flowed on the nail really nicely.
I like these flat nail art stickers, they look really nice. I added a french tip to the thumb when I mucked it up. Haha!

Again with the metallics, this time Gold Coin.
This color is awesome!
I'm so thrilled with the bling in these.
Every angle makes it look good.

And for the last day, I added slim black tips for a funky french.
I really like the way it turned out.
I truly adore metallics that look so sparkly.

Well, that's enough for now, since I'm out of Revlon posts. Hee. I hope to have some more posts for you tonight.

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