Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ack! A week!

I know, I know, I'm a bad blogger. Just make up whatever excuses you want for my lack of posting, it doesn't matter. But I'm finally starting to catch up again, and get these hundreds of pictures edited and ready. I've got a few transports to share, lots of nail polish pictures, and some of our own dogs. And I've entered Patches into the Bissell MVP contest, which would be awesome to do well in. I'd really love to see lots of votes for him if you have a minute once a day to vote. I'm going to enter one of our critters every week in hopes that one of them can win. If we won the grand prize, of course Grayson would benefit. There's SO much competition that I'm feeling rather hopeless about it. But, it's worth trying anyway! I'm getting babbly, but please, feel free to continue reading, and perhaps get a giggle out of it. And there will be a few pictures too.

Other news that is probably important: The Mate is still doing fairly well after the surgery. We're starting to see better use of his arms, so that's enough of a success for us to be happy. Whether or not it will help beyond that is going to take time to find out, but just being able to use his arms more like normal is wonderful. There will be lots of time spent on building those muscles in his neck that were cut through though, so it's a long road, and his lower back can't really be helped any more. Still, we're looking at the good stuff, and feeling positive.

My psoriasis is still much better than it was in the past, but my skin is really suffering from the medication. At the bottom of this post, I'll include a picture of my hand so that you can see what I mean. I'm peeling like crazy lately. Be aware that it's not a very pretty picture. And my lips are ALWAYS chapped, so maybe I should buy stock in a lip balm company. It's still better than the all-out psoriasis breakouts, but not much fun. We'll see how things go with more time. My weight is still relatively unstable, and the next thing I want to work on is getting the muscles in my abdomen strengthened, and/or find out if there is actual damage to them. Somehow I don't think I should have this much pain years after my hysterectomy. Bleah. It could be worse though, I'm not incontinent or suffering from an obvious hernia. So yay, I guess.

I'll do a critter post later, so there will be a few pictures of our dogs in the snow and such to see. I've also got nail polish pictures to share, starting with my first week of the year, which was Revlon week! I'm thinking of trying to focus on a certain brand of polishes every week, so my NOTDs each week will be from one brand. Well, for now, anyway. I might get tired of that later on. I'll play it by ear or something. And I've got three regular transports, and one 'emergency' one to share, so those will be coming up in the next few days. Not to mention this weekend's transport, which should be big! Not to mention all the swatching I did, which was a great way to relax when I had a little while to sit down.

Well, I'd better go get some work done, so that I have the time to get some of those posts I'm gabbing about up later today, or soon. So, I'll leave you with this picture, which illustrates just how peely my skin has been lately, no matter how much lotion, cream, or ointment I use. I hope that it's starting to get better, since today it seems like it's improving, so I'll probably mention that later too.

I'll just keep telling myself that nothing lasts forever, and that should help.

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