Friday, June 24, 2011

Many Manis!

Ooof! It's been a week already? Wow, I've just been sooo busy around here. First, there was the big trip. Then, I had to recover from the trip. As much fun as it was, it's tough to drive 18+ hours in less than two days. But so totally worth it! And this week the kids and I have been having a total blast, which will continue through the whole six weeks.

So, while I have a chance to kick back for a few minutes, I thought I'd post a whole bunch of manis for you to enjoy! This is another pic heavy post. The kids helped me choose some of the colors, which I like, because I get overloaded and can't decide sometimes. I need about 6 more hands so that I can just wear everything I want. Hahaha. Anyhoo, let's see what we have today!

This one is a combo choice, my youngest daughter chose the base and I chose to crackle it.
The base is Icing Bright Blue Chrome, which goes on really gorgeous.
I like the way the blue and brown look together.
I like the way the Kleancolors crackle most of the time.
I'll have to do skittle crackles one of these days.
I will say that the Kleancolor crackles seem thinnish, so sometimes you can sort of see through them.
It shows up the most under flash. But I like them anyway.

This next mani was inspired by a picture my BFF found on Flickr here. I pretty much blatently copied it. Hee.
The bases were SH Barracuda, a lovely light blue, and WNW French White Creme (one of my go-to whites).
The Konad was done with Icing Bright Blue Chrome.
I used WNW Black Creme to form the black part of the penguin, then mixed a bit of Art Deco yellow with red for the beak and feet.
Then my dotting tools came in handy for the eyes.
Just for kicks, I discovered that goggly eyes work too.
All in all, this was a very fun mani.

Next up, I chose SH Lime Creme.
I gotta tell you, this was SIX FRIGGIN' COATS!
It's a pretty color, but with that kind of effort, it needs to be fantastic. So it will probably go into the layering bin.
It's also not a creme, but whatever.
I really think it's more lemon than lime, but again, whatever. I got bored with it pretty fast, so I added some more to it.
I really like the way this turned out.
I may have to do more like this, I like stripes.

So the next one was a fun design that I enjoyed quite a bit. The base is Revlon Waterfall.
The accent nail is Revlon Garden. These are from the mini sets that have been popping up.
Then I used Misa Never Say Never for the silver stripe down the middle and sides.
Grabbed my blue and green glitter nail art striper to make the stripes, and slapped some gems on there in contrasting colors. I really really like the effect of this one.
It took quite a while to do though, so I probably won't do it again too soon.
Then again, it really is pretty.
Maybe I should do it again soon. Haha.

So, that's enough for this post, but I might just slap another one up before I have to run off and do stuff.

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