Friday, June 17, 2011

Picture Polish Lovelies!

After my CULT Nails days, I thought I'd go with another brand that I absolutely adore, piCture pOlish! When they announced they had a few bottles of the lovely Ozotics Pro #503 (Rainforest!), I couldn't resist, and I immediately placed a small order. I also picked up #528, and Shamrock to go with it. SO let's take a peek at those while I run around getting things ready to go for my big trip this weekend.

First I went with Shamrock, and using WNW Black Creme for my accent nails.

I love this green, it's just flipping gorgeous.

You can click to see the pictures embiggened.

This polish flows on so smoothly and beautifully.

Seriously, there's a reason that I have CULT Nails and piCture pOlish as my top brands in terms of quality.

If I could afford to buy every piCture pOlish shade, I so would.

Then I covered that with the #503.

My first reaction? "OMGOMGOMG how can I describe it?"

It looks good over both the black and the green.

It is SO hard to capture the full color-changing quality of this polish.

So very awesomesauce.

I just couldn't stop taking pictures.

And staring at it. Like, a lot.

Seriously, I think I took 40 bajillion pictures of it.

I was entranced with the changes as it went from green to purple to a coppery hue.

Flash shows off the sparkle.

There's that coppery color.

And in the sunlight? YOWZAH!

I swear, I was out there with my mouth hanging open.

And just look at how it changes depending on the angle.

This needs a caution label informing us to be careful when wearing it.

By the way, this is also smooth and silky going on.

I probably should have put on gloves so that I could drive safely.

This is simply a stunning polish.

All the colors in there just fascinated me.

I could have stared all day.

My poor camera got a workout.

I used my old standby, Seche Vite to top it off.

You can see the difference between putting it over black or green.

Either way, it's absolutely beautiful.

Are you tired of this polish yet?

I'm not. It's fantastic.

I love the sparkle.

Then I thought I'd try it out over some other colors on my right hand.

It looks good over all of them.

Such a fun polish to play with.

Next, I had to do a mani with #528. I put it over WNW Black Creme.


I'm dumbstruck.

I slapped on SH Fractured Foil french tips.

I did my best to capture all the colors.

Again, I could NOT stop staring at this!

Don't forget to click and see them bigger in all their glory.

Purple, green, blue, OMGOMG it's just awesome.

Of course, I took around 20 bajillion pictures of it.

Oh, the quality of this one is as good as the others.

There is just nothing like a good glittery polish to me.

It was so hard to catch all the different colors with my camera.

I'd say I want a car this color, but it would cause traffic accidents.

Seriously, just look at it!

How can you NOT love a polish that looks like this?

Flash brings out the green.

Oh, and if you blur it, it looks just as awesome!

Final thoughts: piCture pOlish has some serious winners here, which is nothing less than what I expected. I'm just super impressed with their polishes in general, and I feel they are very worth the cost, because the quality is DEAD ON.

Okay, that concludes this post, and I'll be back sometime next week with more. As for now, I'm going to finish getting ready for my big drive to pick up my kids!

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