Monday, December 26, 2011

A Delicate Matter

Naw, not anything serious or whatnot, just that today's challenge is a 'delicate print', and I think I did okay on it. I'm still pretty wiped out from the excitement of the holiday, and stuffed full of leftovers. We went ahead and ordered the Bob Evans Holiday Feast To Go so that we wouldn't have to stand around cooking all day for just the two of us. It's a touch spendy (something like $75), but when you figure that it provides us with something like 4-5 full meals, it's not bad. We would spend more buying everything to make our meal anyway. It comes with a ham or turkey entree, corn, potatoes and gravy, rolls, cranberries, green beans, stuffing, pumpkin bread, a pie, and maybe another dish or so. We added carrots to ours, because their carrots are soooo good. You place your order ahead of time, and the day before the holiday (or a few days before if you plan it that way) you just bop on in and pick it up. Then all you have to do for the holiday is heat things up and eat! I add my own sweet potato casserole dishes, and any snacks we want to have on hand and we're all set. Once we've stuffed ourselves for a couple of days, I take some inexpensive plastic divided containers, and freeze the leftovers in meal-sized portions for reheating later. Then when I'm not feeling like cooking, we have some "tv dinners" that aren't so yucky.

So, back to the nail polish challenge. I liked this one enough to leave it on for two days, which I don't do very often. Let's see what it looks like!

I used Cult Nails Time Traveler as my base, since it's a flippin' GORGEOUS blue jelly-like polish.

Two coats makes perfection on this one.

It's a deep blue, but not blackened. I just love this blue so much.

It doesn't lean red or yellow, it's a blue all the way.

I used the white Konad polish to do this pattern.

I really like the way it turned out.

The little flowers and dots remind me of old fashioned wallpaper or something.

The bows are so darned cute.

I love it when a mani turns out looking this nice.

So, have you joined the Cult yet? If not, when why don't you go check them out? I can tell you that the quality is quite awesome, and you're very likely to be pleased!

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