Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Okay, I'm still editing a lot of pictures so today I'm just going to do a massive phone pic dump, and call it good. And by massive I mean REALLY massive, a ton of pictures, and no words. It's like Wordless Wednesday, except I'm putting words up here, so it doesn't really count. If you've been around my blog a bit, you've probably seen most of these already, just taken with my camera instead of the phone. But if you're new, and/or you just like to look at lots of pictures of nail polish, then this is the post for you. So with that, jump in and enjoy!

Oh, because I'm all about the twelves, I'm posting 60 pictures... which is twelve times five, the number of fingers on my hand. Isn't that amazing? Hahahahahaha! Yeah, I may or may not need a whole lot more sleep.

And there they are. 60 of the manicures I've had on my nails in the last several months. I've got a few more Cult Nails manicures coming up, and several other manicures stored up, and then I'll hopefully get going on posting some holiday manis. Plus I have a bit of a backlog of swatches, which I can wait on, since they aren't really new collections or anything. So, with that, I'll get out of here, and get some chore done so that I can get to taking more pictures.