Monday, March 1, 2010

Introducing... Tabitha and Alita!

Two more kitties, the last two we got in New York. Tabitha joined us from the South Bronx in late 2002, and Alita came from Long Island in early 2003. Let's get right to their introductions.

Tabitha (didn't I choose a flattering picture?) was rescued from somebody who was planning to use her as pit bull bait. She was being fed on french fries and scraps, and I'm not going to go into all the nitty gritty details of finding her and convincing those people that we should take her. When we got her home and gave her some yummy gooshy food, she 'talked' the whole time while she ate. She is affectionately known as 'Grouchy Old Lady Cat', since she has quite the crotchety attitude most of the time, and always has. Her favored sleeping spot is ON The Mate, which was entertaining when his hair was longer; she used to get peeved when his hair would tickle her feet, and kick him in the head. She only snuggles up to sleep by me when he isn't available to snuggle with, but I don't mind. She also has the wussiest sounding growl I've ever heard, but lots of attitude to back it up.
Alita is the cat the boys rescued while they were staying with their grandparents on Long Island. They were out goofing around in the yard, and saw somebody throw something black out of a car, and it turned out to be a kitten! They wanted to name her after the wrestler Lita, and we added the A at the beginning to make it fit with the 'theme' we had going (a, then i, then a in the names). She absolutely loves to have the top of her head scratched, and will follow anybody who is willing to do that around like a puppy. She has some wicked allergies, and loses some of her hair a few times a year, but we don't mind, she's still our sweet Alita. Well, sweet unless you're a dog and she thinks you're too close, then her claws come out. She doesn't mind the dogs all the time, just when she's trying to get attention and they are hogging it. 

So there you have them, two more of our kitties.