Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Introducing... Cleo and Hellboy!

Now it's time to meet our last two kitties, whom we adopted when their owner's allergies became too severe.

Cleocatra was originally called Basketcase, but we decided that just wasn't the right name for her. Of all the kitties, she is the most attached to me, and she makes it pretty obvious. It's not that she doesn't like anybody else, she just prefers me over them. She is pretty shy around strangers, though, and will hide away when new people come over. She is our smallest cat, but has a huge personality to make up for it. She's the other cat we have that chases her tail. She likes to pretend that she hates the dogs, but in reality, she doesn't mind them as much as she pretends to. She can also be a brat about the other kitties, especially with her jealous streak. One minute she can be kissing another kitty, and the next she's smacking them upside the head for daring to try and cuddle me. Her favorite place is often perched on my shoulder (like a parrot!), or nuzzled in next to my neck. I try really hard not to play favorites, but somehow she seems to fall in that category fairly regularly. I certainly don't love any of the other critters any less because of her, she just demands more of me.

Hellboy was named for the two grey spots he had on his head, that looked like horns. He came with the name, and we liked it enough to keep it. He is our heaviest cat, and quite affectionate. And whooboy does he try to live up to his name at times! He loves the holidays, because there is all that fun paper to play with. Although he's quite sizable, Sherbet still seems to think he needs to be protected, and will follow him around to make sure none of the other cats are being too rough with him. Since he's bigger than Sherbet, that makes a pretty funny picture. He is the only one of the cats that actually makes some sort of effort to play with Krissie at all, most of the rest of them just want that darn puppy to leave them alone. But Hellboy will wrestle with her as long as she doesn't get too rough. We suspect he thinks she is just a strange sort of cat.

So now you have met all of our cats. The next critters you'll meet will be the aforementioned Krissie, and Missy, our most recent dogs, and that will pretty much round up our household of furry fun.

By the way, Cleo and Hellboy's original owners had their Momma cat spayed and found her a good home, where she lives happily with one of her other kittens. They took her in off the street, pregnant and scraggly, and did the right thing in a big way. I'm always proud to know people who care like that.

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