Sunday, April 11, 2010

Glitter, Sparkle, Twinkle.

Today I shall share with you some pictures of glittery nail polishes. If I were forced to only choose one finish of polish, it would almost certainly be glitter. Preferably holographic glitter, but hey, I can go with glitter as a whole and be happy. I seem to be of a mind that the more bling, the better, at least when it comes to nail polish. I'm up late because I have 3 extra dogs for the night, and I have to take them to the next person transporting in about 4 hours or so. They are going from Tennessee to Canada, where their breed is in higher demand. Two Cattle Dogs and one Australian Shepherd on top of my own four makes for an interesting evening. I was planning not to even let them sniff noses (more to keep the rescue dogs safe than mine), but these poor girls were upset at being locked away in a smaller room, so I crated my unpredictable rough dog, gated my room off, and now they are all laying right next to me while my two oldest dogs kick back in the hall, and the puppy tries to get them to play (she jumps the gate, so I gave up and let her be in here). I've gotten lots of extra puppy kisses tonight, that's for sure.  But let's get to the pictures of nail polish.

This is a very dark violet (could you guess from the name?) with a microshimmer that really pops in the sun. In the dimmer light inside, it is dark enough to look almost black.
I can't remember which ones I used for this, but I really loved how bright and twinkly it was.
This is hands down ones of the BEST blue glitters EVER.
This is almost a metallic glitter, and I am really glad I picked it up.
I don't have many Lippmann polishes (the price is a bit high for me to splurge too much on them) but the ones I have are amazing. Like this one.
This whole collection from China Glaze is wonderful.
I sort of hate it when polish companies don't give their polishes names. This is another one that needs sun to show off the best.
Again, one of the most fabulous blue glitters I've ever seen.
This is a great sparkly one.
I used my Konad here, and then a matte top coat over a gold glitter, which turned out pretty cool.
Sometimes I love to layer glittery top coats over cremes, which look good on their own, but just send me over the moon with the glitter on them.
This is a great glitter polish, but the glitter isn't as obvious as I tend to like. It does show more in bright sunlight than inside.

I love that glitter can look so different depending on the size and shape. From microglitter, which looks almost like finely crushed gems; to chunky glitter shapes, which can be almost anything you can imagine, like hearts, or stars; and everything in between, glitter is just fun to look at. A lot of people say that glitter polish is the hardest to remove, but I haven't noticed it being any worse than any other polish. When I remove polish, I always let the remover-soaked cotton ball rest on my tip for 30 or more seconds, and then swipe to remove. It seems like it works quite well for me. I suspect the fact that I have no problem using acetone based remover helps as well.