Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More of my Konad skills

I'm just so in love with my Konad Stamping kit that I use it a few times a week. There are just endless combinations of stamps that one can do to decorate polish. And with all the polishes that work with the Konad, you aren't limited to buying their special polish.

Here is a silver swirl on charcoal.

It's hard to see, but the stripes are holo silver.

Here are some rather sloppy stars.

I think this one is reminiscent of Wedgewood.

I like the black best on this, but the holo looked kinda neat too.

In this one, I stamped with the Konad, and then painted over some of the design with alternate colors.

I think my preference is dark colors with a light Konad over them, and I especially like this rose.

Here is one where I got a little more carried away; this has Konad, glitter, stripes, and decals.

I really like this one, I used two colors and alternated them on each hand.

I used the Manglaze matte top coat over this one. I like how it turned out.

Here is another one combining two different stamps.

Sometimes similar colors work really well for the Konad.

As you can probably see, I really like swirly patterns a lot.

And, that's it for this installment of Art On My Nails. I'm gearing up to go transport 4 dogs, so there will probably be pictures of them coming up before long too. It's going to be a busy weekend, I've got two transports going. Better get off my butt and in the car!


  1. wow,that is so cool, you should do your nails in black and then do a red design over it, i think that would look cool, maybe red fishnets konad


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