Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Purple-xing Color.

Yeah I know, silly title, but I'm feeling a little silly. Anyway, this post is going to feature some of the purples I have enjoyed so much. Onward to the pictures!

First up, a lovely glittery one that I wanted for months before I nabbed it on Ebay for a decent price.

Milani is a drugstore brand that I tend to like. I wish they would come out with more colors though, the collection or two a year isn't enough for a nail polish hoarder like me. LOL

More glitter, this time with decals!

A classic example of blurple.

Using a matte top coat changes the look of a polish a fair amount.

This was a picture I took to illustrate how my filing looks halfway through.

Yay glitter!

A polish named Polish. Tee hee.

I really love this color a lot.

Yay for more glitter!

Yay for super glitter!

Those last two are leaning awfully close to pink or fuchsia, but I still call them purple. And there are the blurple ones too, the ones that lean very blue, but are still what I'd call purple. Regardless, I do love purple on my nails, even if it isn't my favorite color (yellow, in case you forgot).

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