Thursday, April 22, 2010

Four more dogs safe.

Yep, I got to drive four dogs today, and of course they were adorable. This time I was driving towards home, so the first part of my journey was solitary, and I was able to crank up my tunes and jam along the way. I was right behind somebody who got pulled over, I'm not sure what for, but maybe because they pulled in front of me and cut me off pretty badly. We weren't really speeding (about 57 in a 55, which is where I tend to set my cruise control). Of course I could be totally off and that has nothing to do with it. Anyway, it wasn't me (for once), and I went merrily on my way.
Along the way I stopped to get gas. As I pulled back onto the interstate, I was behind a truck, and it made me laugh. Can you see why?

Yes, that says "Back Off Or I'll Dump". Also, I'm easily entertained. This will not be a surprise to anybody who knows me. But anyway, if you clicked the link to this post, you probably want to see the dogs, not some random truck! So let's get to them.

First up is Ivy, a sweet, scared girl.
As you can see, her tail was tucked all the way under, the poor girl. She obviously wants to be loved on, but it scares her at the same time.

Next up, Kiwi. What an adorable black girl she is!
She reminds me of a smaller Jessie. And so nice and soft and cute. Yes, I was squeeing over them all.

Our third dog is Rusty. He is super friendly and was so ready to play.
If he could have sat in my lap, he would have. But, the law in PA says that dogs riding in cars must be securely crated or tethered, and I think that's just an all around smart idea.

And, today's last dog is Zara, a lovely black girl. She was a little bit carsick, but rode well in spite of it.
She was full of kisses and joy, and would gladly have snuggled with anybody who gave her the time of day.

Of course I pulled my usual trick of taking pictures while I drive. I'm careful when I do it though... The Mate's camera is super easy to handle one-handed, and I just sort of aim and click, and hope that the pictures turn out. For all the ones that I wind up posting here, there are at least a dozen or so of the roof of the car, a dog's tail, the window, or the floor. So, here are the few that did turn out today.

Oh wait, I wasn't driving when I took that one.

Or this next one. Obviously.

Sadly, though, my time with these dogs came to an end, as it always does. At least it's a happy ending, because I know these dogs are going to go on and find wonderful homes. So, here is Rusty, being the co-pilot for the next driver.

And with that, my post for today ends as well.

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