Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Skittles! (But not the candy)

I have no idea who first came up with the term 'skittles' for doing your nails all in different colors, but it really fits (to me, at least). Especially if you use bright colors. It's also a great way to try out more than one color at a time to see how you like it.

Usually I do matching on both hands, so they look the same. This is one I really liked the colors on.

Since I liked the colors so much, I covered up the tipwear with black tips and made it a funky french.

Here's one for the Christmas holiday season.

This is one where I was playing with all kinds of different ideas.

I love doing diagonal stripes on my nails. This one I thought looked like mints.

Since I liked it so much, I added flowers. I like the effect.

In this case, I figured out that I can manage to remove just the konad, and do another one. It's not easy though!

This was a super sparkly set of skittles. Excuse the dent in my ring finger.

In this one, I played with jewels and dots over diagonals.

The light is dim, but I liked this pastel set of skittles.

Curvy lines and some flower decals made this more fun.

And, at Easter time, I tend to use skittles a lot.

And now I think I am going to go have some Skittles, the candy. While laying in bed and reading. Tee hee.


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