Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday Grayson run!

Well, now that you've seen Saturday's dogs, it's time to take a peek at Sunday's cats! This week, there was a dog on the run as well, and oh man, he was CUTE. I sent The Mate a cell phone pic, and he said I should bring him home. Hah! If I could add another dog right now, I would, but until we have these trained better, and hopefully getting along better, it's just not going to happen. Besides, I want a BIG dog. And I'd kinda like to wait until we have a few less critters in general, though if we get these ones getting along, and one hits us as being THE DOG, it could happen. But yeah, we're not planning on another dog for a good while. But, onto the pictures!

Again, I didn't have much chance to get any good pictures of the kitties. I don't like to stress them out too much after all that time in the cars, and we try to get them settled and let them be at first. Here are the seven cats who made the run this time.



Cindy Lou





All lovely kitties, and not a one of them that I wouldn't bring home if I could have more cats. But I definitely know my limit, and 14 is actually a cat or three over it. I guess as long as ALL of them don't get ill at the same time, we'll be okay.

Now, it's time to meet Jic Jac, the little puppy with the HUGE voice that hitched a ride. I kid you not, this little thing is one of THE cutest dogs ever. Don't believe me? Look at him!

He's chewing on a rope toy I gave him, which is entirely better than chewing on my car seat. Keep in mind this is like a 10 pound dog at most.

Still not convinced he's the cutest dog? (And this from somebody who looooooves her own doggies muchly!) Check this out.

Seriously, who could possibly resist those eyes? I just turn into a big melty puddle of goo when a dog looks like that. He's going to be in a home really fast as cute as he is.

I also visited my three pals while I was there, and managed to get pictures of them. Bliss, English Bob, and Brinkmann.

Bliss is such a playful kitty, and just has an adorable face.

English Bob is a major lovey kitty, and wants nothing more than a warm lap to curl up on.

And Brinkmann, as usual, sat and stared, but refused to let me touch him.

I didn't get pictures, but I was able to cuddle Scotch for a while too. And of course I saw Ming Sue and Mister and Maia. When I got home, I got a good sniffing by all of our cats. Luckily, none of them was mad at me (probably because it was supper time).

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