Friday, June 18, 2010

Five dog run.

Wednesday we did another transport, this time I had my middle kid along for the ride. You don't see me mention my children a lot on the blog, and there is a reason for that. You see, my kids are under 18, and I guard their privacy a bit. I'm not terribly paranoid, I just don't think it's my place to be posting a lot of details about them. As they get older and make their own presence known online, I'll likely be more willing to share more, but for now, you'll just hear little bits here and there. So let's get on to see the dogs!

This was a five dog run, which I bet the title told you. The first I'll show you is Sassy, a Maltese who is blind in one eye. She was the lap dog for this run. (There's almost always one that will glue itself to my side on the road, and Sassy was it.) Here she is checking things out from my daughter's lap.

Look at that scruffy adorable face? Who could possibly NOT want this dog? She was pretty much a perfect passenger, even though she spent most of the ride in my lap.

Here are the other pictures I managed to get while on the road. Yes, I know, BAD GIRL, but I am careful, and simply aim the camera and hope for the best. I generally take something like 3 dozen pictures, and only a few turn out, since I can't really look and see how the picture will be. Here you can see Patches resting on Sadie, and Reggie in the crate behind them.

And here you can see Zane trying to come over the back seat to visit as well. Or maybe to get away from the spot be barfed in. Ick. Poor guy, got car sick all along the trip. Sadie was scared, Zane was car sick, and Sassy wanted to just be held. Patches was super happy, as you can see by the smile, and Reggie just kinda hung out.

At the transfer spot, I managed to get just a couple more pictures. Here you can see Sadie a little better, though she was shy of the camera as well. She's so very pretty, once she finds out how great people can be, she is going to be an awesome companion.

And here is Reggie getting all tethered in for his next ride. He was so good about loading up and just ready to go everywhere.

Patches enjoyed every part of the trip, including the walks.

And Zane, though he did get car sick, was ready to go play and run and goof off as soon as he was out of the vehicle. What a great dog he will be for some active family.

What a great group of dogs this was, as usual. It a little disheartening to see how many great dogs need homes, but it helps to know that I am doing something to help, even if it's small. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'll be taking two legs of a bigger transport to get a bunch of dogs to safety. Maybe I'll be back with more nail polish later tonight, I am trying to catch up on a lot of things, and having a new dog means I have to be more vigilant on that front as well. At least until he's had time to settle in and we can see how he truly does here. So far though, he's as close to perfect as we could want.