Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Everybody I love has already wished me a happy birthday, and it's looking like a great one. I will be helping to transport dogs that would have been euthanized, I made a fantastic delicious dinner tonight, and our new dog is settling in. Okay, so there are some quirks to work out with Jupiter, he's starting to get more after the cats, but we expected this, and are willing to work with him. I'll probably get to mow the lawn tomorrow provided the weather cooperates (I love the smell of fresh cut grass, and I like doing yard work). Anyway, things are looking good. So let's take a peek at some random pictures I have.

First, let's see our youngest pup at the dog park early in the week. Krissie was having quite the blast playing, as always.

Of course she was playing with Missy, who is quite good with her, even when she gets in a snit.

And Lassie, as always, was in full fetch mode. It's her very favorite game ever.

The best part was when somebody showed up with their big black dog, named Bama, and all my girls behaved beautifully. They were just so into playing with this big dog, and he was ready to play right back.

I'll be getting Jupiter all set up and tagged, and then we'll be able to take him as well. I can't wait! So, on the trip home with the kids, I found myself driving through a town called Sandwich, which for some reason just tickled me. I took a picture of the water tower, just because I had to 'prove' it was there.

As you can see, the weather was pretty cloudy, though we didn't get hit with much rain. I did take another picture of the interesting clouds.

Well, I'm going to crawl into bed, and watch a movie with The Mate, and then sleep so I'm all rested for a big transport. I nearly wound up driving two of them, and had also volunteered to keep some animals overnight, but other people stepped up and offered, so I gladly let them so I can have family time for my birthday. My only other birthday wish would be that no more animals go unwanted and abused, and I'll work as much as I can towards that goal.