Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jeep-ful of Puppies!

I had the pleasure of driving 7 dogs on two legs of this transport. Luckily none of them were too big, and they all got along well enough. Well, inasmuch as we allowed them to interact. I had two crates back there, and they were put to use this week. So let's see who else made the trip to safety.

First, in the back crate, there were two adorable dogs. Here they are checking things out as dogs are moving around and getting situated.

In front there is Katie, an adorable Schnauzer dog who had no fear at all.

She was more interested in trotting around checking everything as much as possible than anything else.

Behind her, and a touch on the shy side, though not much, is Wheat, a Cairn Terrier.

Wheat had plenty to say in the car, though not as much once we were moving. It's always a pleasure when dogs nap for the majority of the trip.

The next two passengers are Rolie and Olie, two spaniels that were just sweet as can be. First, we'll meet Olie, who was nice and mellow.

Just look at those pretty eyes. She wasn't terribly impressed with the dogs in the crate next to her though.

Next, Rolie, who was early to the meeting spot, and got walked around a whole bunch with us.

He had plenty of time to check out the grass and leaves and so on.

He got to ride out of the crates with Olie, and wanted to come help me drive at first. Then he settled in for a nice nap.

And lastly, the puppies. It's always fun to take puppies, although it's so tempting to take them home instead of handing them off! And these were some youngsters, so there was lots of Ooohing and Awwwing.

Of course they tend to nap a lot on the road.

And when they wake up, they think they need to tear up everything. So, because the cute is irresistible, they got to come ride in the front with us.

The smallest black pup is SuzieQ.

She got to help me drive a bit of the way.

The other black pup is Murphy, who just had the puppy dog eyes down pat.

And we can't forget about Ed Beagley. What an adorable little stinker he was!

Somebody is sure to snap up these cuties in no time.

Well, there you go. A total of 17 more dogs made it to safety with this transport, and something like 30 on other transports. Seems like a successful weekend to me.