Sunday, June 20, 2010


I'll start with the dogs that weren't riding with me, because I usually get less pictures of them. At least, less that turn out, because I generally take dozens of the ones riding in the Jeep, and just a few turn out. Anyway, there was a big group of dogs this time, since so many needed to get moved. I volunteered for another transport, and to keep some overnight for yet another, but those filled up without me, leaving me free to have some birthday fun. I'm so thankful we have SO many dedicated volunteers in our area that will help with these. So let's meet the dogs!

First, there was Tommy, who was too camera shy to be shown here. Since it's always busy trying to move dogs from one vehicle to another, I simply can't always get all of the dogs into the viewfinder of the camera.

Next up, Confetti, who was such a gorgeous boy.

Here is Amy, who just wanted to go go go.

And this is Valerie, who was also on the go as much as possible, as you can see by the blur.

Our next dog is an adorable Corgi, Rugby.

He was a touch shy, which is hardly surprising, when you consider how many new people and places these dogs see on a transport. But he was adorable anyway.

Cricket was quite frightened of all the new things, but warmed up quickly once out of her crate.

It didn't take her very long at all to demand some tummy rubbing.

The next crate had two dogs in it, a pair of Pekingese pups who were totally sweet.

They were pretty nervous too, until they came out and met us. Phoebe is in front there, and here are some more pictures of her.

They didn't have to walk much, which was just fine with them. In the back of that kennel was Paige, who was happy to observe from my arms.

The last two dogs were coneheads, Charlie and Carrie, and neither one was terribly thrilled about it. Here's Carrie in all her coned glory.

And last, we meet Charlie, who wanted so badly to play with everybody.

Coming up shortly, the dogs who hitched a ride with me and my youngest daughter.