Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lil Bit's road to rescue.

My second transport yesterday was for one little puppy, an 8 month old Rat Terrier. She was an absolute doll, but her world was turned upside down on the trip, and she was really scared. In spite of that, she was a sweetheart, and I would guess that she is going to make somebody an awesome friend. So let's take a peek at Lil Bit.

When I met her (in a parking lot) she was in her crate, and shaking quite a bit. The poor dear just didn't know what to make of all the sounds and smells that she was unfamiliar with. But she loved her salmon jerky treats, and would come out for those, then run back in her crate. We settled on letting her stay in there and simply loaded the crate into the Jeep with her in it.

I brought my Chow mix, Jessie, along for the ride, because she's my best friend, and loves to go. She's also my go-to dog for meeting other dogs since she generally is tolerant, and more or less ignores them. So, once I was ready to get on the road, I opened up Lil Bit's crate, and let nature take it's course. It didn't take her long to see Jessie all happy looking out the window and emerge from her crate to join in.

Unfortunately, it was a little much for her, and after a short stint on my lap, she wanted to hide. She chose hiding next to my feet! Luckily, she was small enough that I could still get to the pedals, so I just let her hang out there.

She took a nice little nap.

At the toll booth, she woke up a bit, but didn't emerge.

However, she did decide that snuggling up to my leg was all well and good, since dogs don't care about things like psoriasis the way people can.

When we got to the transfer point, again she didn't want to come out, because it was yet another new place. However, as soon as I took Jessie out, she saw her, and bounced right out of the Jeep. She obviously likes other dogs quite a bit. She was still pretty frightened, but quite friendly to everybody anyway.

Once she was on her way, I stopped at the store for a bit, and then made my way home. Of course, Jessie must have been worn out from all her showing off how well she behaves offleash, and took a nice nap all the way home.

Next weekend I won't be able to transport, as I'm driving to Wisconsin to pick up my kids, but we'll be back on the road the weekend after.