Sunday, June 6, 2010

The rest of the dogs.

In my previous post, I showed you the dogs who rode with me, now let's see the ones who didn't.
First up, Mr. Big, a great Lab mix.

He was obviously a happy dog, and loved everybody.

Next, Mojo, another Lab. Again, a big lovable sweetheart.

He wanted to get out and check everything out.

Somebody is going to get a real great dog there.

This is Carlene, who was so very scared on this trip. Sometimes it's easy to forget how stressful the whole thing must be to these dogs. I mean, a bunch of strange people passing them from person to person, riding in all these different cars, and nothing is familiar... it's no wonder that some of the dogs get frightened.

This is Didi, who had the neatest blue eye (yep, just one of them) that I couldn't get a picture of.

We always try to give the dogs a drink at every, or every other, stop, so they don't get too dry.

This is Faith, a gorgeous Basset girl.

I just love the way they wrinkle their foreheads.

And this is Lily, who apparently has had some rough times. In this picture you can see the sore spots she has, which can't be much fun for her. She was happy anyway, and sweet as can be.

A lot of people would just give up on a dog like this, figuring that there are healthier dogs to save, but with some TLC, she will be just fine.

I didn't manage to get any pictures of Bert, who was on this trip as well. With the limited amount of time we have, I don't have time to try to set up separate pictures of each dog. As volunteers, we aren't paid or anything, but we still have a job to do so that these dogs can get to safety.

Later on, I'll be back with pictures of the lone pup I transported later in the day.