Friday, June 11, 2010

May Flowers Bring June... Polish

Yeah, yeah, I know, May showers bring June weddings, but I'm as married as I'm getting for a good while. Common-law is good enough for us, and we're happy that way. Maybe someday we'll do the official thing, but it's not a big deal to us. Anyway, today I've got the first week's worth of manicures in June.

I'll start off with WNW Candy Apple Twist, which is a gorgeous red with orange undertones.

Next up, Kleancolor Neon Sapphire, a lovely jelly blue polish. This is something like 5 coats.

Now, I'll show you another Konad. The base is SH Salon Black Platinum, and the Konad is done in NYC Foil'er Up.

Here is SH Extreme Wear in Pacific Blue, with different Konads on each hand.

I love really dark polish sometimes, and this is no exception. Kleancolor's Blue Satin is a very dark blue that pretty much looks black in regular light.

I added zebra stripes with NYC Niagara Foils for this lovely manicure.

And rounding out the first seven days in June, is Orly Blue Suede, a lovely blue matte.

I've gotten the biggest part of my chores done, and have to wait for my paycheck to do my shopping and getting ready for the big trip tomorrow, so I'm probably going to be posting off and on all day. I guess that will make up for not posting over the weekend, since I'll be gone, and next week I'll probably be too busy to post much.