Monday, June 28, 2010

Overnight: Toto

Toto is the next dog I'm introducing here on my blog. An adorable little guy full of personality and zest. He wasn't terribly impressed with the idea of other dogs getting in his face, but he wasn't mean about it either.

Toto got to sit in my lap for the ride to and from our house.

He really seemed to enjoy nice long stroking and hanging out on laps when we let him.

He was also curious about everything, and wanted to go explore every inch of our yard, the neighbor's yard, the street, and so on.

I love the way his fur makes him look like a little lion.

He was pretty dignified, but not above playing as well.

Of course, since he wasn't too thrilled about sharing our attention, he did spend some time in the crate. Not much though. Then he discovered my daughter's pile of clothes and stuff under the desk, and used that to sleep on.

In the morning, when we headed over to drop him off, he figured out that the dash was fairly comfortable, and made himself at home up there.

Of course, this was after I'd parked, as I don't think it would be a safe spot to ride while driving!

He got bored quickly, and took a little nap.

All in all, as with every dog, he was an awesome boy, and will make somebody a great pet and companion. Oh, he didn't mind the puppies as much as the older dogs, as shown here.

Hopefully I'll be back tonight with more posts, otherwise, we'll meet the puppies tomorrow.